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Written by Dr.Saul - Published on December 19, 2023

My Doctor Said My Neuropathy Was Incurable – But I Found an Alternative That Eliminated my Pain, Numbness, Swelling and Tingling

  • Eliminate Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

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It's hard to describe neuropathy to someone who's never felt it firsthand.

Every moment feels like a thousand needles pricking my feet, with burning and tingling that never cease. Neuropathy has stolen my life.

I can barely walk to the bathroom without pain, let alone go outside, take walks with friends, or play with my grandkids. Every step feels like walking on broken glass, and I can't sleep because the pain keeps me awake.

The worst part is feeling like a burden to my family. I've always been strong and independent, but now I rely on others for even the simplest tasks. I hate feeling like a burden, but I don't know what else to do.

I Was Swallowing Countless Pills Just to Get Through the Day

My primary doctor told me multiple times that there was no cure for my neuropathy. He kept prescribing painkillers and said I should get used to living in constant pain.

But I couldn't accept that. I couldn't believe that with today's technological advancements, there was no cure for my condition. So, I started searching the internet for an alternative solution.

Before long, I discovered someone who seemed to have the answer.

That’s When I Met Dr. Saul Karmann, a Renowned Expert on Neuropathy

He’s spent the last decade creating innovative solutions to help people reverse neuropathy. His office walls are covered in certifications and awards, and his website is filled with testimonials from grateful men and women who claimed he had saved their lives. I was so excited to meet him!

However, my admiration quickly turned to shock when he explained the real cause of my neuropathy. His words made me freeze in fear:

“The Nerves in Your Feet Are Suffocating and Dying Off”

Nerve cells in our feet, like all cells, need a continuous oxygen supply to function properly. Oxygen enters the body through the lungs, goes to the heart, and is delivered throughout the body via the bloodstream. This system works well until we age.

Aging reduces total body water, decreasing blood volume. Less blood makes it harder for the heart to deliver enough oxygen to all cells. This is worse for diabetics because high blood sugar decreases blood vessel elasticity, narrowing them and further impeding blood flow.

Since the feet are farthest from the heart, oxygen delivery takes longer. Eventually, nerve cells in the feet suffocate and die, causing burning pain, tingling, and numbness.

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Let me say that again:

The nerve cells in your feet are literally suffocating and dying off as you read this because they are not getting enough oxygen from the blood.

…And there’s not a single pill that can stop it.

Painkillers Are Only Making It Worse

Your doctor has probably prescribed Ibuprofen or Lyrica for your neuropathy, but that’s actually the worst thing you can do.

Painkillers only numb the pain but don't prevent nerve cell damage. Dr. Saul likened it to soothing the pain from touching a hot stove without removing your hand.

Pain and tingling are warning signs from your body. You shouldn't ignore them before it's too late.

Feeling pain and tingling is a positive sign!

Nerve cells cause burning and tingling as they shrink. When they die, the sensation just goes numb.

So if you still feel burning and tingling, it means some of your cells are still alive.

Why is this important?

Because the National Institutes of Health say: "Peripheral nerves can regenerate as long as the underlying nerve cell hasn't been killed."

As long as your feet aren't completely numb, there's a chance to save the remaining nerve cells and reverse your neuropathy.

Finally, Dr. Saul Told Me That There’s ONE Way to Reverse Neuropathy

…And that is to increase the blood flow in the legs.

If you can increase blood flow to your legs so the nerve cells get the much-needed oxygen, your neuropathy will be gone for good.

But how do you do it?

Traditional medicine would suggest that the way to increase circulation is to move around more.

However, moving is the last thing we want to do when we are in pain.

So… What’s the solution?

I asked Dr. Saul the same question.

And that’s the first time I heard these words:

3-Way ClearPure System.

ClearPure System Fixes Blood Circulation and Reverses Neuropathy in 2 Weeks

Dr. Saul partnered up with a UK-based med tech startup Vierda to create the first massager that uses the 3-way ClearPure system.

It integrates massage, precise compression, and soothing heat therapy. This replicates healthy blood flow and nerve stimulation.

Just as if you were receiving professional physiotherapy, but all from the comfort of your home, while relaxing or simply sitting down.

The targeted compression sends nutrient-rich blood to affected nerves. This helps their repair and reduces the chronic inflammation caused by Diabetic neuropathy.

This means that within a few days, the nerves in your feet can repair and heal, eliminating the stabbing pain, swelling, and numbness associated with Diabetic Neuropathy.

Allowing you to get back to the things you love again. Without constant foot pain and swelling trapping you in your own body. Pain and worry-free. Feeling years younger.

Thousands of People Were Able to Reverse Neuropathy With This Device

By clicking through Vierda's website, you will find hundreds of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely reverse neuropathy

And the Best Part Is, You Don’t Have to Decide Today! Simply Try It for 60 Days - Risk-FREE - And See What Happens

What our customers are saying...




Easy to use and great on the legs

I developed diabetic neuropathy and needed relief for the discomfort. This leg massager, equipped with easy-to-use features and extra straps, was a lifesaver. The battery lasted through multiple sessions, and the heat and vibration provided significant relief.

  • Amy James

    • Verified Buyer

Love using this cordless massager with heat

I purchased this for my mother, who suffers from diabetic neuropathy and experiences constant leg pain. She uses it daily. I tried two other similar products on Amazon, but this is the only one that operates without needing to be plugged in or requiring a power bank during use, and it provides effective heating. Once fully charged (I leave it to charge overnight), the battery lasts about 2 hours with heat and vibration set to medium. My only complaint is that it takes a relatively long time to charge and doesn't last as long as I'd prefer. However, considering it's not like my phone battery that charges in just 40 minutes and lasts all day, it's understandable. Overall, it's a very good product—I liked it so much that I ordered two more.

  • Serena Gon

    • Verified Buyer

Easy to Use. Very Effective and Portable.

I use this product for diabetic neuropathy in my knee. The heat it provides is surprisingly long-lasting. Initially, I thought the vibration might be just a gimmick, but I'm pleasantly surprised that it actually seems to help alleviate discomfort. It's only been 3 days since I purchased it, so I can't speak to its durability yet, but functionally, this device is amazing.

  • Rayul Mike

    • Verified Buyer

Works pretty well

The heat is effective, and the vibration feature is a great addition, especially for managing diabetic neuropathy. The fact that it doesn't need to be plugged in to use is an excellent feature.

  • Anna Chirstin

    • Verified Buyer

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  • Eliminate Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

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  • All from the Comfort of Your Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t found the answer you need,

email us at

How long does it take to feel relief?

The Vierda™ Leg Massager offers effortless and instant relief. It's designed for easy sliding on and off, taking only seconds. Users love the revitalizing sensation it delivers. To use, simply slip it over your leg like putting on a sock, and enjoy the soothing relief it brings. Feel the pain melt away as you relax completely.

Will it fit my leg?

Our Massager is designed to fit to legs up to 23.5-inch (60cm) circumference around the calf.

Keep in mind that it is possible to combine 2 of these massagers to one, allowing for a leg size 47-inch (120cm) circumference around the calf.

Does it help with recovery?

Absolutely! Our leg massager works fantastic if you wish to use it for recovery after surgery, a workout, an injury or any other reason.

Does it relieve pain long-term?

Yes! Research shows that a combination of massage and heat therapy can eliminate the cause of your long-term leg pain?

Can the device overheat?

Absolutely not. Our leg massager is equipped with protective technology which will not let the device overheat.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We know you'll love our Leg Massager which is why we'll let you try it risk-free for 60 days. After 60 days if you're not happy with the results or you simply want to return it reach out to and one of our friendly team members will help you return it for a full refund.

Does this device have a warranty?

✓ 1-Year Warranty

Our products scream durability - but you're covered with a 12-month warranty as default in case anything goes wrong.

What is the expected shipping time?

We provide worldwide shipping.

For orders within the UK, expect a shipping time of 4-6 days

For orders outside the UK, the shipping time is 7-10 days.

Every order comes with a tracking number.

How do I track my order?

After the print is finalized, you will receive an order update with the tracking number included, which can be used in the "ORDER LOOKUP" page of our site

How long before I get my return refund?

The Vierda™ Leg Massager is backed by a 60-day Refund Guarantee from the day you receive it.
So... plenty of time to test it and see for yourself if it is worth it!
If you are not entirely satisfied after 60 days, return your massager for a full refund. No questions asked!