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Posture-Up Sensor

Posture-Up Sensor

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✔ Sleek design for wear under or over clothing

✔ Great elasticity - adjustable for every size

✔ Stand taller and straighter

✔ Vibrates when it senses your back bending over 25°

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1 * Posture-Up Sensor
1 * English Manual
1 * Cable for charging

 Elevate Your Confidence and Comfort with the Posture-Up Sensor!

Do you find yourself battling poor posture and the confidence challenges it brings? We're here to help! Introducing the Posture-Up Sensor – the ultimate game-changer for your posture. Say goodbye to slouching and hello to a more confident you.

Our smart posture corrector features:

  1. Smart Sensor Technology: Our Posture-Up Sensor is equipped with cutting-edge smart sensors that detect when your posture dips below the optimal 25-degree threshold. When you start to slouch, it sends a gentle, discreet vibration to remind you to stand tall and proud. 

  2. Invisible and Comfortable: Crafted from lightweight, high-elasticity nylon, this corrector remains comfortably discreet under or over your clothing. You can confidently wear it throughout the day without anyone even noticing.

  3. Tailored for All: Crafted with your needs in mind, the Posture-Up Sensor is easily adjustable to accommodate individuals of all body types and ages. It's the perfect solution for anyone seeking to enhance their confidence and overall well-being.

Reclaim your confidence and comfort with the Posture-Up Sensor. Banish the insecurities tied to poor posture and embrace a newfound sense of self-assuredness. Get your Posture-Up Sensor now and experience the transformation!

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Say goodbye to hunching

The Posture-Up Sensor is your solution for overcoming hunching. Through gentle, real-time reminders, it encourages a more upright posture. Its discreet design ensures comfort, helping you re-train your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment

Extremely comfortable and easy to wear

Wearing the Posture Correct is a snap in four easy steps. Adjust the strap, long-press to power it on, maintain the right posture for a second, and let the sensor vibrate automatically. It's that simple to enjoy improved posture effortlessly.

Charge it twice a month

With a 400mAh battery and an exceptionally power-efficient sensor, this device can endure for two weeks without requiring a recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use the Posture-Up Sensor?

We recommend starting with 10 minute sessions and gradually transitioning to over 4 hours of daily use

Can I wear it in my sleep?

We recommend that you not use it while sleeping

What happens if the device stops working?

We hold steadfast faith in the excellence of our Posture-Up Sensor, and that's why we stand behind it with a full 1-year warranty. If, by any chance, the device experiences any issues, you can trust that we'll swiftly provide a replacement – it's just that straightforward.

What sets us apart?

🤝 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are immensely proud of the efficacy of our Posture-Up Sensor, and to reaffirm our faith in its quality and performance, we provide a 30-day return policy for your assurance. We back our product with a straightforward, no-hassle money-back guarantee. If, within the initial month of use, you find any reason for dissatisfaction, you can easily return the Posture-Up Sensor, and we won't ask any questions. Your contentment isn't merely a goal; it's our resolute pledge. We have confidence in the Posture-Up Sensor and its capacity to enhance your well-being.

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